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More Achievements

Been replaying BG2EE and noticed while the achievements are nice, a lot are missing. Decided to make my own while going through the game.

Companion Related
A New Witch: Help Minsc find a new witch.
Reharp: Have Jaheira feel she has done no wrong and rejoin the Harpers or have her regret turning her back on the Harpers.
Fallen Squire: Have Anomen fail his test.
Vengeance: Help Anomen avenge his sister, for real this time. [You need to romance him]
Bad Parentage: Have Cernd slain while trying to recover his child.
Changed Outlook: Convince Viconia to become good.
Ancestor: Fulfill Lavok's dying wish with Valygar present.
You Are A What?: Find out who Hexxat really is.
Having A Wild Time: Help Neera in her quest.
Seriously Again?: Help Rasaad in his quest.
A Red Wedding: Attend a wedding with Dorn.
Right to Bear Arms: Have Wilson in your party.
Romance: Romance anyone.
Love Returned: Revive your love.
Love Triangle: Have Minsc, Aerie, and Haer'Dalis in your party and watch the drama unfold.
Party Conflicts: Have every single party conflict show up in one game.

Quest Related
Renewed Love: Save a certain woman from skin dancers.
Promised Savior: Aid the rebel prince and strengthen the blood.
Not the Savior: Aid the Sahuagin king and kill the rebel prince.
Grave Robbers: Teach the grave robbers a lesson.
Lots of Friends: Acquire all allies possible against Bodhi.
Seal the Deal: Seal Watcher's Keep.
Demon Slayer: Kill Demogorgon.
Overachiever: Obtain all three components for the Matron Mother.
That Took A While: Save the dryads.
My Brother's Sword: Obtain Sarevok's sword.
No Cloak For You: Give a certain cloak to a certain mayor.
Sewer Troll: Help someone kill a troll in the sewer.
Talona Would Be Proud: Solve the Trademeet problem by using poison.
Death To Slavers: Kill every single slaver or ex-slaver in Athkatla.
Mental Cure: Help Yakman remember who he is.
That's Some Chicken: Discover the secret within the chickens.
Unlikely Protectors: Help negotiate an agreement between would-be-protectors and a village.

Main Quest
Underwater: Escape the Sahuagin City.
One City: Kill every single drow in Ust Natha.

Fast Rescue: Save Imoen before a total character level of 8 (if you are a new character), 9 (if you imported from BG2), or 11 (if you imported from Siege of Dragonspear).
Licensed Spellcaster: Acquire a license from the Cowled Wizards.
Freedom!: Free every single trapped souls in the Underdark.
Maximal Lum: Get every single benefit from a certain machine.
Why Won't You Die?: Kill Saemon Havarian two times.
Redemption: Redeem yourself as a fallen Paladin.
Hands Tied Behind Your Back: Solo Drizzt and his party without any weapons as someone who is not a Monk. [Reference to some NPCs talking about how they can solo Drizzt with two hands tied behind their back].
Two New Items: Find the two Shaman items.
I Am Rich!: Buy out the entire stock from the two bonus merchants.
Early Game Advantage: Steal the Ring of Regeneration from Ribald.
Bounty Hunter: Claim every bounty.

A Talking Sword: Obtain Lilacor.
Human Flesh: Make the human flesh armor.
Craftsmanship: Forge every possible item at least once from Cromwell.
Craftsmanship Redux: Forge 10 items from Cespenar.
Finally Pieced It Together: Craft the Equalizer.
Horn of Valhalla: Find and upgrade the Horn of Valhalla all the way.
A Black Blade: Obtain Blackrazor.
What A Deal: Obtain Blackmist.
20 Tokens: Obtain Jester's Chain.
It's Clubbing Time: Obtain the Bone Club +2.
+1 Attack Per Round: Acquire both Kundane and Belm.
Pants!: Discover the secrets of the Pantaloons.
Cloak of Non-Detection: Obtain the Cloak of Non-Detection.

Star Cross Lovers: Either convince the lovers to separate or tell them to run away together.
Destined Killer: Help Vieking out. [Hint, for those of you who don't know, turns out Vieking kills Abdel, the canon Bhaalspawn, in canon]
I Thought We Were Friends?: Conclude your business with Corwin and Safana.
Blasts From The Past: Kill every single non-recruitable NPCs from Baldur's Gate 1.
You Again: Kill Neeber.

Character Development
A Late Dual: Dual class at level 21 or above and get your abilities back.
Speedy Assistant: Have hastes on all 6 party members through items.
Fully Decked Out: Obtain all the possible permanent stat boosts in the game, including manuals from Baldur's Gate 1, benefits from a certain machine, and the Deck of Many Things.
Unholy Sword: Equip the Unholy Reaver as a fallen Paladin.
What A Build: Equip the following on your character at the same time: Staff of the Magi, Flail of Ages +5, Crom Faeyr, Robe of Vecna, Boots of Speed, Ring of Gaxx, Amulet of Power, Circlet of Netheril, Juggernaut Golem Manual, and Wondrous Gloves.
Over 200: Deal over 200 damage in one attack.
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