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List of some changes I'd like to see in BG:EE

metalmunkimetalmunki Member Posts: 63
Bit late to the party I'm sure, but I've just finished a complete playthrough of BG:EE (v2-2.2), and would like to throw down a list of suggestions I originally accumulated as a plan for a large mod, but I think at least the 'common sense' ones I'm listing here would be considered for inclusion in the game proper. For that reason, I'm going to avoid anything that would be considered 'additional content' or 'sacrilegious changes'. Hopefully a dev sees it before its lost in the forum forever!

If any of the NPC changes (mainly revolving around class, stats and specialist items to make them more interesting and encourage use of different characters) I have are of interest, I'll list those in a separate post.


Xan should always take his sword when leaving the party. It's useless to anyone else, and new players might be tempted to pointlessly keep it for some future purpose:
  • If Xan is rescued but not taken as a party member, he leaves but is waiting outside the Kobold lair (AR5404) if the party has his sword, he then interrupts and takes his sword before leaving. example dialogue: "I think you'll find that's *my* Moonblade, good day!"
  • If the party leaves his sword in the chest it disappears when they exit the lair's area map (AR5405).
Essentially, it's all just tidying the sword away.


At AR2700 add dialogue option after Gorion's death asking where she got the wand from (she stole it).

Small I know, but a) it's random she has it, and b) it'll tip off new players there's an extra item to use in the upcoming fight outside the Friendly Arm and that Imoen is a bit 'light-fingered'.

Wolves and Dogs
  • Class dread wolves as undead and give speech sound to worgs (use Gnoll soundset?).
  • Vampiric Wolf in Ulcaster needs to be tougher being a 'boss', all other wolves in this area are dread wolves.
  • Change default wolf to ‘starving wolf’ (real wolves don't really attack people).
  • War dogs should only be used with human spawns (eg bandits). Replace war dog individual spawns with ‘rabid dogs’ (can cause disease).
The point of this is to make things a little more differentiated as all wolves tend to look the same and it makes no sense to have 'war dogs' roaming the forests by themselves.

World Map
  • Rename Beregost’s ‘Temple’ as ‘Temple of Lathander’. It's not terribly clear it's actually part of Beregost, as there's not even any houses on the area map and 'Temple' is pretty vague considering the amount of temples in the game. Also, for the same reason, move High Hedge further away to show it's actually in wilderness.
  • Move Ulgoth’s Beard to correct location on map (North coast above Baldur’s Gate), have it accessable via Baldur’s Gate's North gate (dragon gate) to unlock, rather than being able to travel there straight away.
  • Consider adding more mountain range along the south of the map image. All those areas the player visits are considered 'Cloud Peaks'.
Gibberlings and Vampiric Wolves

These are nocturnal. There's a day/night system in the game, can they not be tied to this for outdoor appearances? Diseased Gibberlings can stay in daylight (they loco).

Area/Quest changes
  • Miners in Nashkel Mines should look like commoners. They've always looked liked slaves, which fits the Cloakwood mines, but not the Nashkel ones.
  • A lot of the side quests in in Baldur's Gate city are hidden in unmarked houses. That's fine to keep the clutter off the map, but consider having some flavour text as you pass certain buildings to tip off players. This was used pretty well in BG2. Eg. You pass Ghorak's house and 'you hear a low moaning', or you pass the Siren house next door and 'you hear an unearthly lament'.
  • Make Nexlit a 'shaman' (spellcaster). Give him something to make him harder than a regular Xvart.
  • Add exotic weaponry (scimitars etc) to the standard merchant table for the Carnival map. It makes sense as a Carnival should feel exotic as they travel around, and also the player needs somewhere they can get these weapons from regularly.
  • Change the 'dusty books' in Durlag's Tower to scrolls. It's stupid that a entire book has three words in it. (For an extra challenge and in keeping with the spooky atmosphere, make them disintigrate once read).
  • Spear+1 is too rare. Let Thunderhammy Smithy sell one. Change the Spear+1s in lootable areas for +2s
  • 'Fix' Ankheg Culling quest (stop treble-spawning Ankhegs on the outdoor map, make it 10 kill limit, quest keeps count. Xp gain for keeping below the count, no reward/extra penalty for going over).
  • House labelled 'Shandalar's House' in Ulgoth isn't his house. I've never seen him in it, and it's used for something else entirely later in the game.
  • In High Hedge, change Thalantyr dialogue to reflect having met player before after the first meeting. Also change all dialogue references by npcs to high hedge mistakenly referring to it as a ‘tower’ when it should be an 'estate’.

UI change

Please consider making the big fat POI icons on the maps a bit smaller.



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