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[Near Infinity basics] Adding new spells to a class?

ArishalArishal Member Posts: 13
I want to add a few Wizard spells to the Druid spellbook. Specifically, I want to add Grease, Burning Hands, Protection from Petrification, and Glitterdust.

I have successfully changed the flags for some Priest spells to make them available to Druids or remove them from Clerics (e.g. I've made Zone of Sweet Air available to Druids only).

In order to add the Wizard spells to Druids, I've made copies of the Wizard spells and changed the tags. I changed the Spell Type tag from Wizard (1) to Priest (2) and added the Exclusion tag Cleric (30). Nothing else was modified whatsoever. However, the spell does not appear in my Druid spellbook.

What am I missing?


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