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Mod Ideas I want to realize

ThorgaazThorgaaz Member Posts: 46
Alright I try my first steps to Modding right now. The goal I want to reach are following three.

1st. Instead of rolling random Numbers you should get an 15 in each. Than (like before) you can decide by yourself how to divide them. Its an good but not impossible roll and it would save a lot of work during creation.

2nd. Arrows and Bullets get the same plus and switch the apperance with the plus of the weapon. Generic plus-arrows are removed from the game. Extraeffect Arrows like Burning Arrows still remain but get an little cheaper to buy.

3rd. I want to create an Lancer (Fighter kit) which wear chainmail but get an instantattack if enemy comes in Range.
plus an Pushback effect at lvl20. (Additional some minor changes like Weapon restrictions and Mastery changes)

I already get the WEIDU and DLTCEP Mod. I figured I might change spells, Monsters and Items with DLTCP, but thats not what i need here. And WEIDU is absolutely not working at the moment. (Maybe it only works with EE and not BGTutu, and surely Im way to unexperianced after only an hour tutorialreading) but I think i still should post it here, yust in case you have some tipps, knowing it cannot work, or you already know mods which already do what i want.

Greetings: Thorgaaz

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