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marshal nederlok disappeared, need to cash in two quests, need npc createcreature id

Somebody please help me createcreature marshal nederlok or give me a link for a list of npc ids for siege of dragonspear i have two quests to give to him including skie. Much appreciated. It is driving me nuts, so many bugs, been trying to finish the game.


  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    If you're through with the underground river, have met with caelar close to the castle, and are closing in on dragonspear along with the fist you cannot finish those quests any more.

    You should be notified about this, but it is easy to overlook. Got that notification at some point where I was told it was too late for anything else regarding a quest at this point in the game.

    It's either reload or carry on.
  • wdrosejr989wdrosejr989 Member Posts: 18
    well if I create him with the console id, he will surely fulfill the quests? I did it with Khalid for the necklace quest. Also, I have not met Caelar yet, just went to underground river.
  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    If you are not at the final stage and on the way to dragonspear you should find him at the southeast corner of the coalition camp.
  • zunamizunami Member Posts: 42
    Not to necro, but this was the first result that came up when searching for this exact issue so I figure posting here will possibly help others:

    The console to spawn creatures needs a string which is derived from the name of the creature in question's CRE File. In Marshal Nederlok's case, the filename is "BDNEDERL".
    C:CreateCreature("BDNEDERL") spawns him on the map, but unlike in BGEE, it doesn't seem to cause him to directly spring back into his usual dialogue but I could have been attempting to spawn him in the wrong place or in the wrong save.

    TL;DR: To spawn Marshal Nederlok, use the following command: C:CreateCreature("BDNEDERL")
  • snaphatsnaphat Member Posts: 1
    Not to necro, but to help others.

    To expand upon what zunami said, in addition to spawning Marshal Nederlok, the BD_PLOT variable needs to be temporarily set to a different value to get him to enter dialogue. The following works:
    1. C:CreateCreature("BDNEDERL") // spawn Nederlok
    2. C:GetGlobal("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL") // Retrieve the current value of the plot variable
    3. C:SetGlobal("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL", 315) // set the plot variable
    4. Talk to Nederlok to finish quests
    5. C:SetGlobal("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL", VALUE_RETRIEVED_FROM_STEP_2) // set plot variable back to correct value
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