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Should I mod the Druid spell list?

ArishalArishal Member Posts: 13
I'm looking for opinions of experienced players and Druid players. I want to add a few spells to the Druid spell list, but I don't want to make the class OP.

I know some people hold the opinion that a personal mod in a single player game shouldn't matter, but maintaining game balance is still important to me. That's why I'm seeking your input.

Here are the changes I want to make to the Druid and Cleric spellbooks. They are mostly thematic changes, adding a removing spells that don't fit the class:


- Level 1: + Protection from Petrification, + Grease, + Magical Stone, - Doom
- Level 2: + Glitterdust, + Aid (maybe + Hold Person).
- Level 3: + Remove Paralysis, + Zone of Sweet Air, + Clairvoyance (maybe - Rigid Thinking)
- Level 4: + Lesser Restoration, + Free Action (maybe - Defensive Harmony and - Negative Plane Protection)
- Level 5: + Flame Strike
- Level 6: + False Dawn
- Level 7: + Greater Restoration (maybe + Sunray)

False Dawn, Flame Strike, and Sunray are my biggest concerns. They are all pretty powerful, but elemental magic and the sun seem like fitting domains for a Druid. However, I don't want to break the game either.

I removed a handful of combat buffs and debuffs that don't seem very Druid-like.


- Level 2: - Barkskin, - Flame Blade
- Level 3: - Zone of Sweet Air
- Level 4: - Animal Summoning I, - Poison (or make it non-good only)
- Level 5: - Animal Summoning II
- Level 6: - Animal Summoning III, - Conjure Animals
- Level 7: - Earthquake

Basically just a straight nerf. At the same time, Clerics has a lot of good competition at each level.

What do you think?


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,981
    Looks good. Druids actually get Sunray in IWDEE. While it works differently in that game I think it fits the class to have it. Plus druids already get a ton of good level 7 spell already and until level 15 you are pretty limited when it comes to level 7 spell slots.

  • ArishalArishal Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2016
    Here are the changes I ended up settling on:


    Level 1: ++ Protection from Petrification, Grease, Magical Stone, -- Doom, Bless
    Level 2: ++ Glitterdust, Strength
    Level 3: ++ Remove Paralysis, Zone of Sweet Air, Clairvoyance, -- Rigid Thinking, Strength of One
    Level 4: ++ Lesser Restoration, Free Action, Polymorph Other, -- Defensive Harmony
    Level 5: ++ Flame Strike
    Level 6: No changes
    Level 7: ++ Sunray


    As per original post, except no changes were made to Poison.

    The biggest change is adding Polymorph Other at level 4. As a very underused level 4 Wizard spell, I think it can find a good home in a Druid spellbook. Druids also lack good offensive options at level 4 - Cloak of Fear, Animal Summoning 1, Cause Serious Wounds and Poison. Even the Avenger kit is no better in this regard, gaining Improved Invisibility at 4.

    I also opted for Sunray instead of False Dawn. Since False Dawn only affects Undead, I feel that makes it the domain of a Cleric. However, Sunray has non-Undead effects which can make it an interesting alternative to Nature's Beauty in Undead areas. While Sunray may be strictly stronger than False Dawn, it has tougher competition (spells and HLAs) for fewer spell slots.

    Edit: Changed the Strength spells.

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