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TobEx: 43

DanBoulosDanBoulos Member Posts: 146
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Current Behaviour:

Effect #97 “Strength Extra Modifier” causes net negative values to wrap to 100

Expected Behaviour:

Effect #97 “Strength Extra Modifier” does not cause wrapping over of values


Clamp extra strenght modifier values
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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    I'll just save time by posting this on all the six attribute negative-wrapping ToBEx threads.

    I created two items that reduce and increase all attributes by 19. The exception would be DEX and STR because in Near Infinity, when affirming that those were the attributes were selected, the fields in which the attribute bonus and type were to be selected became longer values beside headings entitled "Unknown." Thus I have no way to test for DEX and STR that way... as of yet...

    The character I used started with all attributes at 9, so a value change of 30 either way would cause the wrapping if possible.

    When putting on the attribute-reduction .ITM, nothing happened to attributes at all. For some reason attribute lowering with items does not seem to work in BGEE whatsoever. Even the minor -2 CON from the Claw of Kazgaroth doesn't work as @Igneous mentioned in another thread.

    When putting on the attribute-increase .ITM, the values for INT, CON, WIS, and CHA did increase only to a red 25, so attribute capping did seem to work for those attributes, at least in terms of reporting on the Character Sheet screen.

    I'd have to do other testing to verify if:
    1. the attribute-reduction .ITM does in fact lower attributes, but it's simply not showing at the Character Sheet Screen
    2. the attribute-increase .ITM actually doesn't increase attributes despite showing so at the Character Sheet Screen
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Confirmed fixed.

    Created a STR18/31 Fighter and two items- one that increases the STR modifier by 150, another that decreases it by 150. The Increase item made the 18/31 into a red 18/00, and the decrease item made the 18/31 into a plain 18. No wrapping.
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