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Allow stealing of multiple items at once

lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,422
edited July 2016 in UI Modding
This tweak will allow thief to attempt to steal multiple items at once in shops. It should work for BG1EE, SoD and BG2EE.

First, search "name 'STORE_BUYSELL'" and before the menu section (before the `), add this function:
function canSteal()
local nb = 0
for _, v in pairs(store.storeItems) do
if v.highlight == 1 then
nb = nb + 1
return nb > 0 and nb + #store.groupItems <= 16

Then search for the steal button (search "STEAL_BUTTON") and change the clickable and action lines with these:
clickable lua "canSteal()" action " local toSteal = {} for k, v in pairs(store.storeItems) do if v.highlight == 1 then table.insert(toSteal, for i=2, v.amountSelected do table.insert(toSteal, end storeScreen:SelectStoreItem(k - 1, false) end end for _, name in pairs(toSteal) do local steal = 0 for k, v in pairs(store.storeItems) do if v.highlight == 1 then steal = 0 break end if == name then steal = k end end if steal == 0 then break end storeScreen:SelectStoreItem(steal - 1, true) storeScreen:OnStealItemButtonClick() end "

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