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TobEx: 35

DanBoulosDanBoulos Member Posts: 146
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current Behaviour:

Effect #106 “Moral Break Modifier” causes out-of-bounds values to wrap

Expected Behaviour:

Effect #106 “Moral Break Modifier” does not cause out-of-bounds values to wrap


Clamp morale break values

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    edited July 2012
    (For all intents and purposes...) Confirmed Fixed.

    (Not sure how the Morale Break Modifier works exactly, but it appears that the higher value increases the chance of a morale break...)

    Created two items, one that reduces the Morale Break chance by 101, the other that increases it by 101.

    - The item that decreases Morale Break Chance is probably working. Without putting the Morale Break reducer on him, I was able to get Garrick to have a Morale Failure numerous times within 10-30 sec of being surrounded by gibberlings/ xvarts, pretty much as soon as his health was critical. Then I had him put on the Morale Break reducer item and tried it again, and he never panicked through the 15+ episodes of 1-5 min I was able to keep him alive with healing potions near death.

    - The item that increases Morale Break Chance caused instant Morale Failure, running around forever in panic (so clearly it didn't wrap to lower values).

    In any case the two items don't seem to be wrapping since each has a distinct and otherwise logical extreme... Anyway the best I could do with a confirmation...

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