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Beginner Party

zenoxgriszenoxgris Member Posts: 1
Hullo everyone. Just got IWD:EE and I'm not sure how I would setup up my party and badly need advice.
Class, race, alignment, stats, and weapon proficiency. with those details
I have no idea what weapons would be useful and abundant. Found out that Druids and bards are great and will be needing healers throughout the game.
I haven't gone any far because I overthink how the party should be and not really familiar how the game will go.


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 400
    The easiest "basic" set up is 3 warrior classes of some type - you can pick any of the races - although if you want to play optimally I would suggest not using human unless you're going for a Paladin of some sort. Multiclasses are fine but maybe a little more difficult to understand from the get go.

    Then a healer - either a cleric or a Druid.
    Then a Thief of some sort
    Then a Wizard or Sorcerer

    If you want to stack more casting you can drop one of the warriors for a bard, or you can multiclass one of the warriors for more healing/spells.
  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,100
    (1) Paladin leader: Two weapon fighting, longswords (high charisma as party leader, longswords are perfect for Paladins in this game and are abundant. Second weapon choice could be flails which are also a great choice for later in the game)

    (2) Dwarven Defender: Axes, Shield style (Axes are abundant, there are some great shields. His defensive stance will save your life)

    (3) Fighter/ Thief: Ranged weapon. My go to is slings at first, throwing axes later. He can do great with shortbows then longbows for later.

    (4) Sorceror (Magic scrolls are hard to come by. A Sorceror fixed that issue)

    (5) Skald (Seriously increases the effectiveness of your party's fighting and he can do some magic backup. I'd do a plain hard for second play through)

    (6) Druid of choice (As you said they are great and can handle your healing)
  • inethineth Member Posts: 637
    It's true that a Sorcerer can be more effective than a Mage, but only if you pick good spells on level-up.

    (There are a bunch of guides on the web that recommend Sorcerer spell picks, but beware that some of those guides are meant for soloing the game, which requires different considerations than when playing with a full party.)
  • vyvexthornevyvexthorne Member Posts: 58
    As Grum stated.. his party setup is a very good beginner party. Paladins and Clerics are great, there are a lot of undead and Turn Undead can really help you out if you start to get overwhelmed by the hoards. Bards are also incredibly helpful in IWD and there are some unique items just for them.

    What I usually try to do is make a party of 8 out of my 6 man party.
    2 fighters
    2 healers
    2 magic wielders
    2 rogues

    I want 3 characters that can take front row, 3 characters that take back row and at least one of those characters being versatile as to be useful in either row..

    The very basic of party setups being

    Any variants of this basic build is what you should go for.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,299
    Guys , dont take me wrong but I think you are complicating it a bit.

    A party for beginners consists of two fighters , a thief (whose primary skills should be disarming traps and picking locks) , a cleric (healing and turning undead) and a mage. The sixth party member could be any class, but I suggest another fighter or healer.

    @Grum , I understand that sorcerers are more powerful, but with a mage you've got thw option to get to know different spells and tactics, no?
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