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Enemy ideas for arena matches..

SarevokokSarevokok Member Posts: 171
edited June 2016 in Multiplayer
A buddy of mine and myself are making an arena style setup for people to join our game and participate. My part is setting up the spells and creature we'll be using to be the "host" and design the rounds for the champion to partake in. He's developing scripts and whatnot to make this arena as automated as possible.

We were going to originally use Dennaton's arena but I liked the amphitheater-type place you come across in Rasaad's questline.

In this arena there is no party, it will be you pick one character to use and that's it. Any items, extras, scrolls, w/e is allowed. We'll have no limits other than characters can't be edited in anyway to be unkillable.

I have the round setup pretty well I think so far, but I'm looking for input as I want this to be as pleasant and I want the rounds to ascend in difficulty in the most smooth way possible. IE, I don't want to go from spiders/skeletons to lichs and hive mothers.

I want this to be interesting, I want people to have fun with each round, I don't want boring. Now for I guess role-playing reasons I do not want to use named enemies. Such as I don't want to use irenicus, or balthazar, or sarevok, you get the idea. It's supposed to be your testing your strength as a champion against the different stages of creatures of the realms.

I'll put my list here for what I've come up with so far, I'd love feedback on what I've got and some more interesting enemies we can face. I'm all open for swapping out and/or adding creatures to a round. I'm up for adding more rounds. I don't rightly have a clue on how many rounds I should have so I'd be up for feedback there too.

Here's what I have so far..

Gibberlings (this is mainly for fun, I have a spell to summon 60 of these, it's hilarious. like an intro)
Skeleton warrios sword spiders
greater bone golems
two of each greater elementals
shambouling molds
adamant and two other lesser golems
pit fiends
one of each elemental princes
powerful lichs
hive mothers/some type of warriors idk what

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