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Whispers of the muse

TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 204

Hello! Since rolling a new character is somewhat similar creative process that designing a deck for Magic: the Gathering, I´d like to know where do folk get the ideas for characters, and their development. Also, what keeps you going forward in a playthrough - do you set some spesific goals, or do you want to achieve something - for example, casting 2nd lvl spells?

This week, I installed IWD2, rolled a solo character - drow monk/sorcerer, and was impressed by the elegance in both character creation and levelling up - having 16 stat points to buy your stats, all starting from 10, and the levelling up in any class you´d like to have. I do consider starting again, as I´m missing 2nd level spells, against encounters of what looks like 20 orcs I´d really like to have AoE in a shape of circle, as in Snilloc´s Snowball Swarm, instead of fan-shaped Burning Hands. Secondly, I really could have some dex, ideally 15, and rapid shot feat, giving me 2 attacks with -2 penalty on each. After reading that paladin gets charisma modifier for saving throw bonus, plus smite evil special ability, which adds charisma modifier to attack roll, I might get some entertraining solo sorceresque action, though an idea of paladin/bard kind of has it´s weird allure.

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