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[MOD] - Roll First (BETA) for BGEE+SOD (v2.2+)

Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
edited June 2016 in UI Modding
Inspired by the 'Road to 3.0' discussion regarding the desire to roll abilities before the rest of character creation, here is a little code I put together to enable you to roll your stats within the UI BEFORE you choose which kind of character to play - it isn't about creating characters with scores of 99 - but letting the roll made guide you towards your other selections.

It's an early beta for testing purposes.

Things to watch for:
- Exceptional Strength
- When your rolled values are less than the requirements of the race/class/kit combo you've selected.

The process followed actually mimics my other mod for generating a 'random character':
- It generates a random character up until it reaches the abilities section.
- You then manually roll your abilities and hit done.
- It then records these values and goes back to the start of the chargen process
- You then manually select your gender/race/class/kit/alignment
- It then uses an autoroller to match your total recorded score
- Then it alters the values up/down of the autorolled abilities to get the closest permitted combo for the selections you've made whilst maintaining the total rolled.

Example Screenshots - In this example I've rolled 81 and decided I want to become a Paladin. The rolls for Wisdom and Charisma are too low, so after my selections it has adjusted Intelligence down to accommodate the need for the minimum Wisdom and Charisma. You are still free to reallocate the ability points thereafter.

Hit the new button to 'roll first':

Roll your stats:

Go back and select your other characteristics:

Automatically try to match:

As it's beta and there are quite a few little changes, I've included a and the necessary lua file. Drop these into your override if you haven't previously made UI changes. The final release would have the full instructions for editing however.

Any feedback/suggestions/problems, please do let me know.

- The mod currently 'favours' the first few abilities for matching against eg it will match STR,DEX,CON over INT,WIS,CHA ... I can see an easy way to allow the user to preselect their favoured three stats for priority, and would add this into a future release.

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