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Which mods will restore the original animations?

temnixtemnix Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone. I'm about to install BG EE so that I get new content, areas and NPC, and I intend to add a few community mods for more content as well. This is because I've played the original Baldur's Gate over and over and simply want something new in it if I'm going to play it again. But I don't care for the sequels in any way, I mean Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal - not their interface, not their mechanics, nothing. So I will also install some mods to bring back the original BG interface, movies and so on.

Now, I've heard that for some complicated reasons the original helmet and shield animations (maybe others) were not available to the makers of BG EE, so they used the sequels' versions, which I've seen and loathe. Are there any mods that restore those animations for BG EE?

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