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*Spoilers* Cloakwood remains, untold stories of the fallen heroes in the Cloakwood!

SkaroseSkarose Member Posts: 247
So I've always wondered the story behind the remains/loot you find in the Cloakwood Forest. Specifically the suit of leather, Rashad's Talon and the cursed zombie ring. Whose remains has the child of Bhaal stumbled upon? In my imagination I think of some adventurous rogue who didn't stock up enough antidote potions.

Perhaps she was an accursed zombie who only sought an end to her suffering?

I rather think she was carrying the cursed ring in her pouch either as a curio or part key piece to some nefarious scheme she planned later, but there would be no later for her because the rest of her party had been caught in the web traps by ettercaps. She managed to slay the one that had attacked her, but it had nicked her and their healer, Kennair had already fallen. So she staggered away dying to the sounds of waves, gull cries and the sound of the sea led her to her final resting place. She spent her last moments of life watching the sun set on the sea. Poor Azora of Waterdeep, died alone, forgotten and unmourned. Until the child of Bhaal reflects upon the grim scene of her passing.

Rest in Peace Azora of Waterdeep, if only Kennair had lived so he might cure you of the ettercap's deadly venom.

*Original Artwork 'Duelliste' by Remton

Does anybody else know another story behind the remains?

If not, who do you imagine died there and how did they die?

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  • FinnTheHumanFinnTheHuman Member Posts: 404
    I think it was suicide too. The poor boy was an outcast, unattractive and unloved by his peers. He would have had a decent life if he hadn't been so driven to fit in and be admired. In a ill fated twitch of decency, a pretty girl from his village was nice to him one day as they bonded briefly at the fairground; the magic of a show dispelling their daily pretenses. When later her friends sniggered to her of what they saw she was determined to regain face. A gift, the magical ring would protect him she said. Ten minutes of ridicule later, their game turned serious as she found her self frantically explaining to the guard why not to kill the zombie boy. When the priest came to cure him she stayed and cried an apology but the boy would hear none of it. He set out at dawn determined to prove himself to everybody, keeping the ring as a dark reminder which would drive him forward. When faced with the adversity of Cloakwood however, the ring became a reminder of his failings. Folding his borrowed belongings neatly he placed the ring on top; his suicide note. Stepping to the edge, he leapt.

  • ikuseniikuseni Member Posts: 5
    I was really happy to find this conversation, finding the remnants was a great moment in Baldur's Gate (!), and made me think.

    A poor young soul, ready for adventure, unhappy to look like a zombie, killed himself, a perfect spot for the deed.

    So sad...

  • PsicoVicPsicoVic Member Posts: 197
    edited June 26
    I always thought that the owner of the zombie cursed ring commited suicide. When the party was ambushed and webbed by ettercaps and spiders she managed to survive thanks to the zombie ring. The ettercaps found her zombified corpse distateful, rotten meat. So she survived while her companions were devoured in front of her. When the spiders left, she managed to escape to the cliffs, but survivors´guilt made her chose to undress and jump of the cliff, unable to cope with the dead of her party.

    Kind of like more your story.

    Maybe it was the hamadryad of Cloakwood forest the one that tricked poor Valas and Merridos to enter the cave of the wyverns, and they were murdered there. When the spell of the wand of fear vanished, the poison and a lounge of wyverns overran the lone surviving warrior. Only the coward Peter of the North managed to escape with the eggs while his companions were slaughtered.


    The Hamadryad never thought that the mighty wyvern could lose against mere humans. She was horrified when she found the corpse of the speared beast and the rage drove her crazy. In her blind rage she attacked the baalspawn party, finding peace in defeat at last when she died and became one with the forest again.

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