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[REQUEST] Dialogues Tweaks with v2.x [SPOILERS]

RodrianRodrian Member Posts: 426
The patch v2.x will someday hit on IWD:EE too, this is granted (we all have hope at least),
Don't you think it is the best time to make some more Dialogues Tweaks in-game?
Claim! I will go first with my requests :lol::

  • Urnst, the potter:
  • I mean come on! The guy is for now useless. . I demand a side quest, with *calming him* somehow.

  • Harald, fallen paladin of Tyr [TotL DLC]:
  • Again, some actual side quest wanted - dead or alive! :grin:
    (Punny pun is punny?)

  • *spoiler* Ginafae's reaction to Marketh's death */spoiler*:
  • If I'm not wrong, there is the Unfinished Bussiness ver. of this quest, with Ginafae committing suicide (ouch!)
    An interesting alternative for example could apper with 18 CHA female character, whom would try to dissuade her from that horrible fate, and with success, continue on the potion quest!

  • Mentioning Larrel about naughty Nym:
  • Likewise, a side quest with Larrel's vengeance would be most welcomed, yay/nay?

  • Hobart and the Rakshasa imposter [TotL DLC]:
    Mentioned here already, just a little banter, that's all. .

I will make sure to inform you if I get some new ideas. .
Also - feel free to share your own! :blush:

Will tag Mr @TrentOster here, just to be sure that someone *valuable* will notice it  :innocent:

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