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Need help with BGEE mods

SolieanSoliean Member Posts: 2
So I recently remembered that SoD has been released and I have decided to replay the series through from the beginning to fully enjoy the new addition. Since this is my 10 millionth-whatever file on an infinity engine game I decided it's time to add some variety with some of the doubtlessly great mods that have been polished over the years especially with the renewed BG love over the last couple of years. But I found myself overwhelmed, i'm a bit of a layman with anything to do with software and I tried the tried and true method of visiting various forums looking for an easy step by step guide for installing mods but everything I found was..pretty scattered, not to mention quite a few things that applied before BGEE 2.0 don't apply now or they work differently.

I tried the BWS but the BWI zip file wouldn't be recognized in the downloads folder for BWS. I tried learning how to manual install but when I say i'm a layman I mean things really have to be spelled out, and most people asking similar questions don't need their answers quite dumbed down as much as I do so that wasn't as helpful as it should be.

I'd greatly appreciate someone not only telling me what to do to get some mods on my damn game *ahem* but if anyone would tell me what content expanding mods are compatible with BGEE 2.0 as well as mods that are compatible together.
Anything to do with additional kit/items/quests/area
Is Drizzt Saga compatible with Dark Side of the Sword Coast or that other large expansion mod?

I did check the current compatibility list for BGEE 2.0 but as that is an indefinite wip and currently the only thing that appeals to me there are kits I was hoping if there were some unlisted compatible mods of the kind i'm looking for.
Lastly I remember reading about some mod that allowed for additional kit slots outside of the 10 in vanilla game if anyone would mind telling me of that.

I know there are loads of forums on this subject and I know this kind of thing has been asked a on but after a cumulative 8 hours of failing at this I decided this was for the best.


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