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Looking for artwork - Dragonlance?

BanjoBrockBanjoBrock Member Posts: 3
Hi folks,

I'm looking to use a portrait that I'm having an impossible time finding. I used to have it way back in the day, but alas I cannot track it down these days. I'll describe it for you:

It's a male human (or possibly half-elf) with his arms crossed. He's in armor, but it's not full plate or anything. It looks like a few pieces of metal here and there. He has two swords slung behind him near his butt (I think) He has long dark brown/black hair that is blowing a bit, and he is clean shaven. I remember the colors were very orangy/red. He looks pretty badass.

Methinks it might be from the Dragonlance series? Or something similar? I'm not sure why I remember that snippet.

Any help is appreciated!




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