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[Resolved] Baldur's Gate I & II crashing on startup

LurtzLurtz Member Posts: 6
edited July 2016 in Troubleshooting
I am encountering game crashes (a standard Windows "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition has stopped working") about 4 seconds after launching the games, happening with both Baldur's Gate enchanced editions (though I'm mainly interested in solving the issue for II). The crashes happen independently of what I do (e.g. whether I skip the Beamdog logo or not).
Both games were working fine the last time I launched them, on the 12th of June and I've noticed that 3 Windows 10 updates happened in the meantime: I have now uninstalled 2 of them (Windows doesn't let me uninstall the third one) but this did not solve the issue; as far as driver updates go, I shouldn't have had any in this period (I don't have any software that automatically downloads drivers and as far as I recall I didn't do it manually).
I also tried verifying the game cache through Steam to no avail.
Attached is a DxDiag

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