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Special abilities not imported from a BG1 character into BG2?

argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,093
I'd like to import a character from a BG1 save into BG2 who gained a special ability via spell effect or script in BG1. However, this ability is gone after the import, even though spells, stats and effects, such as local variables, are correctly imported.

Shouldn't special abilities be transferred as well when importing directly from a BG1 save?

How to reproduce:
1. Start a new BG1 game with the Abdel pregen
2. Enter into the console while the cursor is placed over Abdel: C:Eval('AddSpecialAbility("spin160")')3. Save the game
4. Start a new BG2 game and import Abdel from the BG1 save

Abdel should still have the ability to breath fire in BG2.

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