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Game freezes after Anomen becomes Knight...

... when Minsc and Anomen are both in the group.

Okay, here are the Details:

I play Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition which I got from GoG (Gog writes next to the game, so I assume that's the version).
Also I have it modded: I use

~ Haer'Dalis romance
~ BanterPacksV14
~ Moderate increased Banter
~ keeping_yoshimo (data is labelled as "keeping_yoshimo_v083_beta)
~ NPCFlirtV103
~ EEKeeper

Also I have cheat-codes enabled.

Now my problem is the following:

Anomen just was promoted to Knight; as you know (or might remember) he invites only you (aka the Player character) to this ceremony, while the rest of the party (in my case Valygar, Minsc, Yoshimo and Haer'Dalis) waits in the "foyer" of the temple.

Now everytime I bring the group together at one place again - which inevitable happens, since we are a party - the game freezes after one second.

I've had those freezes frequently meanwhile, noticing that mostly they seem to occur when one of the NPCs wants to talk to me and I am busy with something else (like e.g. summoning stuff or running into a building). Usually after a restart (since the game freezes I have to end the application via task-manager) and a bit of waiting while doing nothing the dialogue starts, and I can proceed. Also de-activating the AI helped, but did not end the freezing-problem completely.

This time, unfortunately, nothing of the above works

I guess Minsc wants to start a dialogue with Anomen, and for some reason this does not work, thus the game gets stuck. For when I have only one of them in the party there happens no freeze. But once the character I left behind joins the group again - FREEEZE!

Well, the most obvious solution probably is to kick either Minsk or Anomen permanently and go on with only one (or none) of them.

But if there is a solution that makes me being able to keep both would be preferred.

I guess that one of the mods causes the problem.
Which one could it be?

Of course I can un-install all mods (though I would REALLY want to keep the Haer'Dalis' romance mod). But maybe one of You knows which mod causes the trouble, and I just can either dump that or dump Anomen (Hamster beats Anomen... so I cannot dump Minsc xD ). Or maybe there is even a "miracle solution.

And if nobody can help me... maybe it's interesting or useful for one or the other that this problem exists.

I don't know if it's useful to know or not, but I used the EEKeeper to change my race from Gnome into Half-Elf (since I forgot at the beginning that Anomen does not even start romancing female dwarves or gnomes... ) and my class from Illusionist to Sorcerer. That's everything I did with it.

Thanks for Your attention.

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