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Who want's to play?

ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
Idea is pretty simple, at 21:00 (Europe time :P) I'm starting multiplayer game! BGEE, no mods, from the beginning, default images (I'm sure that everyone likes to see teammates portraits :D...).

We could play even with 6 players in the game (but some quests requires to join npc + we'll see how many response will be in this topic) but 4 can be good too. So im looking for 3 players!

Because it's from the beginning only statistics are taken (your unit doesn't have to be best!) but players with unit which statistics are only 18+ might be asked to create it from scratch :P (let's play fair!).

2 hours per day in which we'll play (or more if everyone accept it). In this topic we could choose dates for it (saturday/sunday - usually I guess - or even other days).

We're not killing every npc + team leader have to have high charisma (lower prices on shops).

Below you will find one of my possible team leaders :].

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