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Telma and Pindurão: no-reload BG:EE stream and vods

wehtweht Member Posts: 5
We've started a multiplayer no-reload run of BG:EE on core difficulty. We've played the game since vanilla, but this is our first no-reload. The party will not include NPCs, and is made up of shawkz's fighter/mage/thief called Pindurão, and my (weht) cleric/mage named Telma. We are streaming at and the first vod is here:

Some highlights:
Pindurão gets hit by a worg in a random encounter for 10 damage and goes to 2HP. Biggest butt-clencher of the run so far.

Mulahey kill. Pindurão backstabs and Mulahey gets scared. He goes down quickly, along with his minions, to the Amulet of Missiles.

Another close call. We attack Vax and Zal without much preparation and Vax hits Telma for 14 damage. Telma goes to 7HP.

It's a pleasure to finally contribute to the community, as we've lurked on the BD forums and reddit ever since SoD, and functional multiplayer, brought us back (again) to the game. We hope you enjoy the run.



  • wehtweht Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2016
    Welcome to the second installment of our BG:EE multiplayer no-reload run. This time we had a few close calls and Pindurão had to get rezzed. We are streaming at and here are the vods:

    Pindurão almosts rips to the bear inside the cave near the Xvart encampment. Pindurão takes 15 damage in one hit and runs away at 5HP. Cave bears are fast dudes and we misjudged the lines of sight inside that cramped cave.

    The RIP
    We forget about the trap in the ettercap cave south of Ulcaster, and go in without any preparation, thinking it'd be easy money. We get webbed and decide to make a run for the door instead of using invisibility potions, but Pindurão fails his save and gets stuck. After much deliberation, we decide to send Telma back in to try and kill the ettercap with our wand of lightning, or at least pull aggro. Telma hits the ettercap hard for 20 damage but doesn't manage to kill it, and tries to pull it outside the cave. Instead, it turns to the immobilized Pindurão. Telma goes back in and whacks at it with her mace, risking the saving throw against web to save Pindurão. After failing one save and making another, she leaves Pindurão to his doom and waits for the web to end. Pindurão dies, but doesn't get chunked! We can ressurect and continue the run! Telma finishes off the ettercap, which is easy after the web expires. We save all Pindurão's gear and rez him in Nashkel. Never forget traps.

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  • wehtweht Member Posts: 5
    Here's the third episode of our BG:EE multiplayer no-reload run. We're managing to clear most of the fights without ripping, but there are always a few close calls.

    "Ankhegs' special ability is just a slow"
    Telma sucks an ankheg projectile for 24 damage and runs away at 9HP, popping an invisibility potion. The ankheg turns to attack Pindurão who, at full HP, mans up with a paltry 6 AC. He promptly gets hit for 9 damage but saves against the ankheg's acid damage. Pindurão continues his assault with a few good hits but eats another spitball for 24 damage and drops to 5HP. Luckily, he's able to hit one last attack at the exact same time and we're safe.

  • wehtweht Member Posts: 5
    Part four of our BG:EE no reload run. No near-deaths, and we picked up varscona and the ring of energy on our way to the bandit camp. Here's the vod:

  • wehtweht Member Posts: 5
    The fifth installment of our BG:EE no reload run is up! We haven't ripped yet and, by skipping some cloakwood fights against wyverns, were able to reach sorcerous sundries. We'll come back later if we need the xp. Here's the vod and highlights:

    Cutting it close
    Telma walks into the bandit camp tent and and starts by taking 10 damage from a gnoll's halberd, dropping her to half. While Pindurão is scorching three other dudes, she gets hit for another 11 damage from the same hally and runs outside with 18HP. The mage, gnoll, and warrior follow Telma outside and manage to hit her for 4 more damage, taking her to 14HP before she resists a melf's and chugs a potion. Telma holds off the gnoll while Pindurão takes out the warrior and mage. Pindurão finishes the fight with a backstab to their archer.

    Mines fight with Hareishan
    We accidently aggro everyone in the room and bottleneck them at the door to the north.

    Pindurão starts this fight off by stepping on two traps and saving versus both.

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