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????s about cheats

I have an issue with either the cheat codes themselves or the updates to the game. I updated the game with the 1.05,& the 1.06 updates.The issues I am having is related to the codes for items not working,I can use the add gold, code and the experience level code, and the teleport code. Online says use CHEATERSDOPROPSPER: but I have to use C: to get the codes to work. The other issue is not that big of deal cause it works just differently. Online says in order to activate the code box tog have to ctrl tab, on my laptop it won't work that way I have to use ctrl spacebar for the code box to open. My biggest issue is that I can not get any of the codes for creating items to work all I get is syntax errors. Can anyone help me? Or am I just doomed to play this way? Side note my Bard has spells but they are all greyed out and I can't use them is that because I am wearing armor?


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,575
    edited July 2016
    Your source of information has been written for the original Icewind Dale. IWD:EE works differently in some regards. The changes include the usage of "C:" prefix and Ctrl-Space for activating the console. The code for creating items is
    for unstackable items and
    for stackable or charged items where x is the number of items or charges to create. The item code is the resource name without file extension.

    For example, to create five Potions of Healing, enter:
    Most kinds of armor disable wizard spells. You should see a message about it whenever you equip your character with such a piece of armor.

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