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Arie Romance stuck

SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
Hello together,

another problem with BG2 EE, maybe you can help here.

Since Chapter tree Arie did not talk to me to proceed in the romance story-line.

After reading out the LoveTalk varibale C:GetGlobal("LoveTalk","LOCALS") it is stuck at 29 - and I can't initiate the lovetalk manualy with C:SetGlobal("AERIEROMANCE","GLOBAL","1")

C:GetGlobal("AERIEROMANCEACTIVE","GLOBAL") told me it is still at 1 - so it should proceed.

Maybe something is missing - some local variable the game is waiting for or something like that. I realy want to proceed here before I do reach the cemetery at Athkatla, so Arie can be Kidnapped...

Could someone help me in this case? How can I fix this? It seems to be a bug - I did everything same as I did it few years ago in the original BG2.


  • SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
    Another one: The Jaheira Side Quest seems not to trigger, too. Normaly she would leave the party for a few days to do some stuff for the harpers - but this did not happen until Chapter 6. What is wrong here?
  • SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
    I found it out myself.

    The romance is realy stuck - regarding to this site (it is only french - use he google translator) Stage 29-33 are related to the haer'dalis romance. So I did set the romance with C:SetGlobal("LoveTalk","LOCALS","35")
    to 35 - and the lovatalk proceeds normaly.

    Why the talk is stuck with haer'dalis I can't tell, due he never got invited to my party... I think this realy is a bug here.
  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919
    It seems like I have read something similar here with regards to the Polish translation. Playing in English was fine, but there was something in the translation files that was a problem.
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