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Circlet of lost Souls, hidden bonus's?

Apologies if this has already been addressed on the forums but I'm currently playing through SoD as a Shaman and i have come across the circlet of lost souls. In the item description it says nothing about a thaco bonus, however when i equip it my thaco goes down by 2 (not complaining mind you) Is this a hidden bonus? a bug? if it is a hidden bonus, does it have any additional hidden bonus's not plain to see in the in game text? thanks in advance!


  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 881
    It does indeed give a base Thac0 bonus. I don't know if that's a simple mistake or the remnant of an early concept for the item.

    There is no other undocumented effect. Aside from the Thac0 bonus, what you see is what you get.

    On a technical side, the Bless effect for the summoned spirits is coded in their scripts, not in the item, so even if you modify the circlet's effects, it will still perform this particular thing.

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