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Morrowind,Suikoden, and other RPGs

XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
So i'm here today to recommend some games you may want to try. Before this I just want to say i harbor no nostalgia for any of these games, all unbiased opinions. First up morrowind, this game is simply amazing a wonderful atmosphere, very beautiful graphics (for early 2000s anyways), and is quite possibly the best Elder Scrolls game i've played. but i do have some problems, The running and walking are only slightly faster than a slug on a field of salt, the combat can be very unaccurate, cliff racers, and the world can be very lifeless and boring sometimes. luckily these can all be fixed via mods. but i do highly recommend in my over 30 hours of playtime i would give it a 9/10. Second up Suikoden 1, this is one of the best ps1 games ive ever played, great 2D visuals, fun and challenging combat, a great story, and a wonderful cast of memorable characters. Though i do have my problems with this game as well, near impossible inventory management, translation errors can make some parts of the game (Duels) frustratingly difficult, and the insane amount of exploits can ruin some challenge. all and all i give this game an 8/10. Third up is Suikoden 2, this is the best RPG i have ever played amazing visuals, wonderful characters, one of the best god d**** stories ive ever played through, and some truly great character development. once again i have a few problems, Glitches (in the us release) happen frequently and can ruin parts of the game, the beginning is pretty slow and takes a minute to ramp up, and finally the war battles are boring (but if you like strategy RPGs this will be fine for you). my rating is 10/10. Fourth we have Lord of the rings third age, this is a surprisingly overlooked Lord of the rings RPG which i never understood it has well crafted original characters a fun and interesting battle system, handles the source material well, allows you to play as the bad guys, and oyu get to fight the bloody eye of sauron! Like all games here i have some problems, the game can be rather slow at times, The wild encounters happen far too frequently, and alot of minimal cliches are there. i give this game a 8/10. fifth we have shining force 1,this is a very underrated genesis RPG, it has fun and interesting characters, plenty of secrets, a interesting story, and sci-fi and fantasy elements. But with all games it has a few problems, some battles are ridiculously cheap, fanservice, and a rather bland final boss compared to the villain you fought before him. overall a 7/10. Finally shining Force 2, this is a great and complete improvement over the first and is my personal favorite genesis RPG, Fun combat, interesting characters, a more developed main character, you can play with a F**** pheonix, a far better story, and multiple awesome bosses. Though it has it problems, Some battles seem unnecessary, some very cheap battles, and some minor fanservice. overall a 8/10. Hope you enjoy these games if you decide to pick them up, morrowind, and shining force 1 & 2 are all on steam. Lord of the rings the third age is on gamecube, you might have to sell you kidneys to get the suikoden games (or emulate). Have fun!

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