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TobEx: 14

DanBoulosDanBoulos Member Posts: 146
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current Behaviour:

Effect #6 “Charisma Modifier” causes net negative values to wrap to 25

Expected Behaviour:

Effect #6 “Charisma Modifier” does not cause wrapping over of values


Clamp Charisma modifier modifications inside of proper values

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Does anyone know a cursed item that reduces CHA by 4 (to test on a CHA3 Character)? I can't seem to find one in the BG1 items list. The Human Skin Armor lowers CHA, but...

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    I'll just save time by posting this on all the six attribute negative-wrapping ToBEx threads.

    I created two items that reduce and increase all attributes by 19. The exception would be DEX and STR because in Near Infinity, when affirming that those were the attributes were selected, the fields in which the attribute bonus and type were to be selected became longer values beside headings entitled "Unknown." Thus I have no way to test for DEX and STR that way... as of yet...

    The character I used started with all attributes at 9, so a value change of 30 either way would cause the wrapping if possible.

    When putting on the attribute-reduction .ITM, nothing happened to attributes at all. For some reason attribute lowering with items does not seem to work in BGEE whatsoever. Even the minor -2 CON from the Claw of Kazgaroth doesn't work as @Igneous mentioned in another thread.

    When putting on the attribute-increase .ITM, the values for INT, CON, WIS, and CHA did increase only to a red 25, so attribute capping did seem to work for those attributes, at least in terms of reporting on the Character Sheet screen.

    I'd have to do other testing to verify if:
    1. the attribute-reduction .ITM does in fact lower attributes, but it's simply not showing at the Character Sheet Screen
    2. the attribute-increase .ITM actually doesn't increase attributes despite showing so at the Character Sheet Screen

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Confirmed Fixed.

    Created an item that only drops CHA... but by -30. Insta-death with no wrapping.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    I find it really odd that abysmal charisma kills you, without a mirror :)

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,427
    @Avenger_teambg - maybe it makes your character implode under the weight of their distasteful, haughty and snobbish antipathy ;)

  • GafanGafan Member Posts: 16
    edited July 2012
    Some items, such as the Rod of Terror, may occasionally permanently reduce a character's stat. I will walk through this exploit using the Charisma attribute (because this is the one with which I am most familiar), although the bug is presumably generalizable to all attributes.

    Current behavior
    The Rod of Terror has a 20% chance of reducing Charisma by 1 point every time it is used. When a character's Charisma reaches zero, the character is killed. However, if the character is wearing a charisma-modifying item when his natural Charisma falls to zero (such as the Ring of Human Influence, which holds the charisma at 18), he does not die. The Rod of Terror may still be used and may further reduce charisma from 0 to +25. The Ring of Human Influence can be removed, leaving the character with a natural 25 charisma.

    Expected behavior
    Reducing an attribute below 0 should not raise it to 25.

    Future considerations
    When combined with stat-boosting items, stat-draining items may lower a player character's attribute to 0 without the player realizing. Removing the stat-boosting item (in this example, the Ring of Human Influence) would reveal the character's natural 0 attribute and cause the character's death. Therefore the item could never be removed. If the player has no recent saves then this scenario could be very detrimental to their enjoyment of the game.

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  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
  • GafanGafan Member Posts: 16
    Ah. Well, that's simple. Thanks. I read through the Fixed forum ( and didn't see it.

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    Its most likely one of the TobEx fixes.

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Just to make sure I tested this further by trying to use @Gafan's trick. I modified BOOK03 to permanently reduce CHA by -1 (rather than raise CON by +1) but also put on Algernon's Cloak that raises CHA by +2. Then I created a CHA2 dwarf, had him don the Cloak to get boosted to CHA4, and used three CHA-lowering BOOK03's ... which meant he was technically at -1 (or perhaps otherwise 25). He was at CHA1 and still alive... until I removed the cloak: insta-death rather than wrapped values to CHA25. Confirmed fixed. :-)

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    Moving this to the Fixed forum.

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