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Windows 10 'apps' Siegeof D is hidden - also BG2 wont play but says 100 % installed

BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
I got windows 10 put on my old Dell Laptop. I installed Siege of D. and BG2 via the beamdog site without the beamdog client. Then I looked at the Siege of D. start screen and it had a patch button on it and a play button on it. However the patch button would not activate any patch. THe play button sent me into the game which seemed to be fine. I was troubled by this non-clickable patch button on the start screen. So I uninstalled Siege and BG2. Then I installed the Beamdog client. Then I installed Siege of Dragonspear. However, the BG2 icon screen said it was 100 percent downloaded. It also bg2 would not upadate- kept saying waiting or chiecking for updates. On the other hand the Siege screen had just installed fast.

So I just uninstalled the client again. However I could not find the BG2 or SIege Of D on the ms 10 "apps' list. So I am unsure if I installed it or not.

I think the client and should have recognized the BG2 game or at least allow me to sync or uninstall and reinstall it on the beamdog client. I think it is a rather shoddy program becasuse of this. I never had problems like that with other game clients. Maybe you need to stop sending flowers to people who say they are 'they inclusive as him and her' and fix your stupid client.

I just downloaded and played 1 minute of that mindless Diablo 2 game. Blizzard patched their old lame game to work with windows ten but you seem to be unable to get your client to think clearly and recognize the games on it so I can play or install/patch/uninstall them. Maybe you neeed to hire some whiny california hipster headhunted from blizzard to beamdog and promise them you are a just and accepting company and please patch our game like you did with D2.

I am going to try to put this beam dog client on one more time. If it fails and still thinks I have BG2 installed at 100 percent but wont update or let me paly it I am going to uninstall the whole thing and just paly Diablo 2 with a fat bowzon.... oh wait fattest blizzard wont let me play a fat bowzon lady.... ok well maybe I will just watch a youtube uni lecture in a safe space and think about how beamdog does the right thing in games I cant play.


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