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Custom kit import - suddenly I'm a Grizzly bear :)

MafsteMafste Member Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in BGII:EE Mods
After I was getting bored I figured it was time for a Baldur's Gate playthrough from start to finish.
I loaded up BGEE and wanted to use an old kit I had laying around (Morituri).
Updated the kit and proceeded to play through the game.
Now I'm ready for BG2EE, installed the kit and imported my character from the BGEE "final save".
Aaaaaand I'm a Grizzly bear.
I had to read the kit description twice before realizing I was indeed reading it correctly.

I wondered if the mod simply wasnt working with BG2EE and started a new game.
My custom kit works fine with a new game.
Importing a BGEE savegame that was using my custom kit however will proceed to generate a character with the "grizzly bear" kit in BG2EE.
While I can probably fix this using an editor, I want to try and fix the mod so this doesn't happen in the future.
Hopefully someone else has already come across this?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,630
    maybe whats happening is bg1 and bg2 use different lines of code perhaps when determining what kit you are, so for example, lets say in bg1 your custom kit, is class X = your custom kit, but in bg2 class X = grizzly bear, even though you may have your custom kit in bg2, it might be under a different line like say class Y for example,

    also, if you have this mod only in bg1 and not installed in bg2, this is probably the exact reason why it would be doing something like this, but im going to assume that you have them installed on both games

    and ironically enough, grizzly bear is an actual kit in the game now, there is actually an NPC that can join your team that has grizzly bear as its class

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    The solution is to open your character with EEKeeper and manually change its kit back to what it's supposed to be. This happens because as @sarevok57 said, the kit id is different from a game to the other.

    Other solution would be playing EET though you'd have to make the kit mod compatible. It joins the 2 games in one engine and data files so no problem with different ids.

  • MafsteMafste Member Posts: 2
    You are correct.
    The kit gets assigned 0x40270000 in BGEE which is the Grizzly kit in BG2EE.
    I decided to do the following:

    Use EEKeeper to open a BG2EE save.
    Find the custom kit id (select it, press set value and you will see the hex).
    This was 0x40290000 in my case.

    Use EEKeeper to open the final save from BGEE.
    Press set value on your custom kit and it will allow a hex edit, paste your BG2EE hex there.
    The kit field will probably be empty afterwards but that's fine.

    Save and import that edited final save into BG2EE.
    Working flawlessly.

    Seeing as the kit names don't actually change, perhaps this can be automated inside the import function?
    As in:
    Check kit names from BGEE to their hex values in BG2EE and use those for importing.
    Or perhaps it was something I missed when setting up the mod (some field you have to set for kit compatibility between BGEE -> BG2EE?).

    In any case, I can continue now.

  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 635
    I'm no expert but I think it's just that way for all kit mods, the solution is EET.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,210
    The files 'kitlist.2da' and 'kit.ids' are different between the two games. So any custom kit installed will be in a different entry (row) in those files. The export/import process just records the entry, so it gets messed up when you switch games.

    I once thought about making a "base kit entry equalizer" utility that you could apply to both games before installing kit mods. But even that wouldn't work. Some mods do different things on different games - maybe you install an NPC mod on BGEE that only has BG1 content; unbeknownst to you, that NPC has a hidden custom kit, and that kit would mess up the 'equalizer' utility. There's simply no way to guarantee equality. So you're left with two options:

    1) Export/import as usual; and make a save very early in BG2; and use NI or EE Keeper to edit your kit in that save file. Everything should work fine after that.

    2) For full trilogy runs, use EET. Public betas are out now, and a proper stable release should be coming soon.

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