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Bug with NPC name in dialogue box

CorinJoeCorinJoe Member Posts: 6
edited August 2016 in Troubleshooting
I took a break in the middle of a play-through. When I came back the game had updated to v2.3.67.3.

I have the Isra NPC mod installed. Whenever she speaks her name is replaced in the dialogue box with a random line of dialogue from somewhere else (see attached). I've uninstalled and reinstalled and all that has done is change what the random line is.

Can anyone direct me on how to fix this?


  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Whenever there is a game patch/update you should not use previous saves / mod installs. You need to take a clean install, reinstall your mods, and start a fresh game.

  • CorinJoeCorinJoe Member Posts: 6
    Oh no, say it isn't so. I'd gotten far too :(

    Is there any back door method to fix it?

  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Unfortunately not guaranteed...

    You could try doing the following:

    1) Check your WEIDU log in your game folder for a complete list of the mods you installed and the order you installed them - you'll need to replicate this setup/order in step 5.
    2) Uninstall everything - make sure to keep your existing game saves. Double check to make sure that the game folder and subfolders are completely empty (often they are not), so manually delete any content that remains in these folders.
    3) Reinstall the game to the latest version.
    4) Check your mods are compatible with the latest version, and if not download the latest versions that are compatible.
    5) Install your mods to the fresh installation - make sure to replicate the choices and order from the WEIDU log.
    6) Start the game and load your most recent save.... and hope... as there is no guarantee that the latest version didn't change something critical but replicating the mod install order and choices is a good start.

    Good but unfortunately late tip - before you update the game to the latest version, take a copy of the entire game folder and copy it elsewhere. That way, you have a complete copy of the pre-updated game that you can continue playing with, with your existing saves.
    Then you can uninstall and delete the original installation, and do a clean install of the latest version with any mods you want to use.

    You then have two installations - your copied one which is the one you currently are playing with and your fresh and up to date installation for next time.

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