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Problem with stock portraits

XzanahXzanah Member Posts: 145
edited August 2016 in Troubleshooting
Hey, guys. So I reinstalled bgiiee after removing it to get some space, booted it up, ran it fine, started a new game and created my character, and...

Wait, all my portraits are a BLACK SQUARE?!

Yup, but the game ran fine. Things went smoothly, but I got bored so I added custom portraits...

These loaded fine.
I have no idea why...
But they did.

Recently I have noticed a small shape residing in the blackness of my selected character with their main color. This probably means it's a problem with the size of my screen? Wait, but bgiiee ran fine before I removed it... And I installed it, and didn't add mods till after the problem started...

Whatever. Anyways, I'm running on iOS 8.3 on an iPad mini original... And still have no idea what went wrong.

Anyways, here's a picture of it...

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