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Complete list of items, choices, etc. that carry over into BGIIEE ?

As the title says, do we already know what exactly carries over, and which items take priority (e.g. Helm of Balduran vs Claw of Kazgaroth).

Also, which save should I use for importing my character(-s?) ? The final save in the elevator, or a different one after that point ?

Also, the ending sucked...-,- way too forced.


  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    From BG1+ToTSC:
    Golden Pantaloons - Picture in golem room in opening dungeon
    1 set of armour (usually Mail of the dead takes precedence, but could be plate +1 protector of the second or chainmail +3) - Found on illyich the duergar, opening dungeon
    Helm of balduran I think is a fixed now (not 100% sure, but is definitely the highest priority) - Suspicious Trapped room, opening dungeon

    Stat gains from any Tomes you used in the previous game

    New To EE:
    Varscona (If you dont have it, maybe some other weapon, I'm not sure on this) - table near sewer golem, opening dungeon

    From SoD:
    Voidsword +3
    Voidhammer +3
    Robe of Red Flames
    Belt of the Skillful Blade
    Archer's Eyes
    Helmet of Dumathoin
    Bard Hat
    Biter +2
    Tangled Strings
    Buckler of the Fist +2
    Dragon Blade +3

    Some locations:
    Belt of the skillful blade: Drow merchant, Ust Natha
    Helm of Dumathoin: Adventurer group, Temple District sewers
    Bard Hat: First fight in Planar Prison
    Dragon Blade : Tazok in Firkraag Dungeon
    Archer's Eyes: Drow party guarding the exit of the underdark
    Tangled String: Storekeep in Bridge District (near Saerk Farrad estate)
    Biter : Jayes, Waukeen Promenade east border at night
    Voidsword : Blood pool in Bodhi's Complex in chapter 6
    Buckler of the Fist : Black market vendor near the temple of Illmater, Slums

    These are all the items I know of

    Also, for a list of magic items that you can find in bg2:ee that were not in the original, including updates for SoD items, you can look here:
  • JonnecyJonnecy Member Posts: 56
    wow, thanks, great list!;)
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