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The Unusuals runs a blind Stratagem

TenreccTenrecc Member Posts: 265
So, after my Core Four playthrough died because I really wasn't enjoying it, I've been considering coming back with something new. After all, SCS seems pretty fun overall, so it's definitely a run I'll want to do. After some considering, I've come up with a decently fun concept for another run, so let's see how this one fares. As with the old one, this one has two concepts to it;

1 - It's an almost blind SCS run. I have played through BG1 SCS twice now, but both times has been largely bypassing everything in stealth and cheesed fights, so it's almost like I havn't actually played it. I know a bit more of what to expect though. I still havn't touched BG2 SCS, and know nothing outside of what I had to read while installing the mod and what people have told me. So playing through it for the first time will definitely be interesting.

2 - I wanted a strong party this time around, but still no ridiculous powergaming party, so I decided that an Unusuals run would be perfect. What that means is that I can't play any class I've ever killed Sarevok, Irenicus or Amelyssan with, meaning that Berzerker, Kensai, Archer, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Avenger, Totemic Druid, Shaman, Barbarian, Sorcerer and literally every dual- and multi-class are off the table (Yes, even cleric/thieves). Oh, and Dwarven Defenders aren't allowed either, just because they seem way too strong to be fun.

I know this run might be borderline easy and not the most interesting of runs, but I'll still do a playthrough on it because I enjoy it, and at least a few people seem to enjoy reading it. Who knows, maybe we're in for a ton of fun and interesting stuffs. At least the classes will be pretty interesting.

So, here we go again!

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  • TenreccTenrecc Member Posts: 265
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  • TenreccTenrecc Member Posts: 265
    So, let's begin by introducing the unusuals themselves;

    CERUSKE - HUMAN BLADE - Yes, I have never actually played one because I fail to see how they are anything less than a budget fighter/mage with less fighting and less maging, although I know many people consider them good. Still, I really wanted an arcane spell tank and a second Breacher, and there's a bunch of other fun things this guy can do in endgame too. So yeah, the Blade will be sort of a toolkit character, and also the Bhaalspawn because I frikkin love the human thief sprite.

    BREN - DWARF WIZARD SLAYER - Since most dangerous foes in SCS seems to be casters of different kinds, having a person who can lock them into 100% spell casting failure seems almost broken in terms of strength. Combine that with up to 100% magical resistance and dwarven saving throws with human flesh +5 and we have ourselves a true magekiller.

    REYJA - HUMAN BLACKGUARD - Something I've been wanting to play for a long while, just to try out their spells and stuff. Also, Ir'rykavel +5 seems to be a better weapon for dispelling now that Carsomyr dispel have a save component, and more dangerous foes have very reliable saving throws.

    JANDA - DWARF CLERIC OF HELM - Since we can't use Inquisitors, we'll definitely want the second class with an innate True Sight, and we'll always want to bring a cleric for Chaotic Commands, Animate Dead and such things.

    SELES - HALFLING BOUNTY HUNTER - Another class I've been wanting to try out forever. I've recently learned about how good their normal traps are, so it's time to figure out how good the bounty hunter's trap are. Being able to Otiluke or Maze your target sounds like something that really can come in handy later on in the series.

    NOLONTIR - ELVEN WILD MAGE - I just recently found out that NRD can be cast instantaneously, sort of like giving the class their own Imp Alacrity. Take that alongside the fact they get the specialize bonus without dropping any spell school and you have a very, very solid caster. Also will probably make for some great stories along the way.

  • TenreccTenrecc Member Posts: 265
    Aaaand we're off. I assume early BG1 won't be too much of a problem, but we're looking forward to chapter 6 and 7 for the interesting fights. Still, for those we'll need to gear and level a bit, so let's just do our usual business and run across the Sword Coast. But first...

    Take THAT silly mage! So far, our composition works wonders. True Sight and lots of shorties makes Tarnesh about as easy as his vanilla game counterpart. I know it's a silly victory though. But yeah. Take that, SCS.

    We do two Ankheg runs, a bit less than the ordinary ones in order to not make the early game too easy, and then we head out to get our usual gear in order. Including a new piece of equipment I wasn't aware of untill just a moment ago, actually.

    Ankheg plate mail for free. That's pretty good. I wasn't aware that there were more of these hidden small coves similar to the Evermemory ring, but I guess I was wrong.

    Next up, gearing up with weapons that doesn't break. The two-handed sword by the Ogre south of Ulcaster, Greywolf's Varscona and Bassilus Aishdeena. The last one proved slightly troublesome before he took one too many Commands to the face.

    By now we're around level 3 and head towards the Nashkel mines. Required some careful fighting since only Reyja has decent armor and those fire arrows hits like a truck, but nothing really challenging. So, time to beat Mulahey without cheesing him with Silence '15 Radius for once.

    Easy katka, we sneak behind him before turning him hostile, then he eats a Hold Person while our mage fireballs away the horde of adds with the wand from the ankheg cavern.

    So far so good, but this is the easy part. Bandit Camp coming up.

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