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Aran Linvail, Prelate Wesselen in Chapter 6, random NPCs spawning, disappearing items (Spoilers)

I've just started Chapter 6 in BG2EE (most recent version). It's a multiplayer game with my partner on our second computer.

When I talk to Aran Linvail to seek help with Bodhi fight, he asks if I'm ready to get on the boat to Brynnlaw. Out of curiosity I said yes and it starts Chapter 4 opening scenes and I'm back in Brynnlaw. In the Chapter 6 journal it has a Chapter 4 entry. I reloaded to the beginning of Chapter 6 save and it's still occurring, even when I say no.

So I figure well at least I can speak to the Prelate but he has nothing to say to me. Which sucks. The only help I've gotten is Drizzt.

I checked a guide and it says someone should approach you in both buildings saying each wants to talk to you. But I haven't experienced that.

My playthrough generally has been buggy, items keep disappearing when I move them around the inventory, I also keep having NPCs appear in areas where they shouldn't, like the different Athkatla districts. They usually don't talk, and there's usually duplicates appearing when I enter said district. So far it's been Raelis Shai and the rest of the troupe in the Temple, three of each, and Docks district, two villagers from Umar Hills (there's three of each surrounding Cromwell's house in docks, it's very weird) and the genie from Irenicus' dungeon starting the first conversation multiple times around Athkatla, the latter of which has happened in multiple playthroughs.

Neither of us have any mods installed. I removed Dungeon be Gone from both computers just before starting this playthrough as I assumed that was causing the genie issue, who was the first randomly appearing NPC. I do use EEkeeper because some of these disappearing items have been quest items so I've had to put them back when I haven't saved in a while.

TIA for any help!

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