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Just bought SoD - some bugs found

alceryesalceryes Member Posts: 373
edited September 2016 in Troubleshooting
So, I'm running through BG1 after picking up SoD to see all the little changes in BG1 with SoD installed. I'm loving the new UI - looks great. There seems to be some dialog bugs though. BG1 was fully uninstalled and reinstalled when SoD was purchased.
I picked up Kagain in beregost and am trying to get his caravan quest complete. Normally, I go to the map just north of beregost and Kagain initiates dialog to complete the quest. This time he didn't so I try to talk to him. Boy was I surprised when a female voice answered and started talking about (I think) SoD content. My other party members also talk about SoD content. See pics.


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