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Viconias Alignment won't change

Hello guys,

I have a small problem here and i would be very glad if you could help me!

I'm playing ToB with Viconia in my mostly good party and my goal from the start was to romance with Viconia and change her alignment.
Now I'm in Amekthran and the important dialogue with her starts (I have a savegame right before the start, luckily). But I don't have an option to changer her, so she stays evil.
I read a lot of guides and especially one was very helpful (ToB (male PC) Romances Guide V1.1 by Felinoid). So it seems like i missed a lot of dialogue with her, where i had the opportunity to convince her of her good traits.
Long story short, i reloaded and older savegame, played the whole Yaga-Shura part again the dialogue just won't pop up. She simply doesn't talk to me all the time.
I tried all the cheats i could find, like setting the ExpLoveTalk and even the ViconiaChange Count (Im not sure if this even exists). Nothing helps.
Do you have any idea, any good Cheat, anything? Because I just don't want to play Yaga-Shura stuff for the thrid time in a row and I would really like to finish the game with her as a neutral character.

Thank you very much and I hope my english was understandable.

I'm playing the version 1.3.2064 on my iMac, if you have any questions just ask.

Thank you and Viele Grüße,
Flo :)

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