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A bad end to Neera's quest. (Spoilers)

So going through Neera's quest line as usual did a few of the camps quests to save a few members but not all of them so kind of a half assed attempt. The quest progressed as normal and i got to the assault on the red wizards base. I'm playing an evil party so taking Dorns advice went in with no intentions of letting people live or even shout for help to be honest. I got to Lanneth killed her with a back-stab and mopped up the rest then as i get to gram and the other wild mages they all start attacking me. I kill them ( i mean they struck first ) then waltz out of there back to the refuge where Telana and Mereth also attack me on site ( i felt kind of bad killing the kid ). So i was wondering if this had happened to anyone else and who i pissed off to start the ordeal?

TLDR; all the members of the refuge hate me and are attacking me on site has anyone else done this?

also do think i should kill Hayes to get the full set?

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