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Siege of Dragonspear my thoughts

DanitheangeldevilDanitheangeldevil Member Posts: 49
I finished the game yesterday and I want write my thoughts about this game so I am not good in writting review. :sweat_smile:

[spoiler] What I like:
  • The side quests are interesting, new items, return of voice actors from the original game, fighting and easy collecting items. Caelar Argent was an interesting character she wasn't an anti-heroine only she tried to free her uncle in the end. "Belhifest what the fuck are you doing?" Was my comment on the character, which I beat 7 years ago in Icewind Dale. :grin:
  • Minsc and Boo always my favorite characters. :grin:
  • Tough battle have been challenging, but every time I did a strategy to defeat enemies.

    What I didn't like:
    • Lack of good / neutral / Evil NPCs to the party this was also the case in the original BG 2 lack of party, when we didn't have enough priests, thieves and better or bad characters, but mostly mainly thing it was lot of dualclass multiclass mages. :expressionless: I want to write this, they could at least to add more bad characters in this expansion and more warriors, priests or even two thieves could be better. So NPCs there I miss most Kivan, Xan, Kagain, Montaron, Yeslick and can Xzar. :disappointed:
    • Imoen is added until in the end of the chapter ie until in chapter 13. I would rather like to have Imoen from Chapter 7 than Safana, but I understand that the authors Imoen wanted to make a thief/mages, although I prefer her as a thief than a dualclassed, but that's my opinion. :neutral:
    • They didn't have to split into 13 chapters that can be split as it was in TOB at the 10th chapter, but that's only my opinion. :smile:
    • I miss there Jaheira voice, although there is the old voice, but I would like to hear some comment with others. So nevermind I can install mode. :disappointed:
    • Dragon and half-dragon wasn't powerfull in chapter 9 and demons in Chapter 12 wasn't so much strong, maybe 'cause I've played in the normal. :sweat_smile:
    • The story was average. The story was not bad but didn't have on the first part story and even on the second part story. The end, when you was convicted and that the killer was Irenicus I have on that some question. For example, how Irenicus get the dagger Soultaker? I remember that in Durlag's Tower I gained this item, but then cultists took from me the dagger and summon Aec' Leteca and the dagger in the game wasn't found. So how to revive Skie when the dagger can have Irenicus or how developers want add to the story with a dagger and a resurrected Skie? End was clear, running away from Baldur's Gate, and kidnapped and so begins the second part.

      I find very less bugs in this game and also in EE version. And I don't care about the drama what was 5 months ago. I draw on this a comic strip featuring two NPCs I know. :neutral:

      So I enjoyed the game and I planned try Shaman class in next playthrough 'cause I found some items with can he/she used.:)
      Thanks for reading my discussion if you find some errors it's 'cause emglish is not my language and I am dysortograph from Elementary school. :sweat_smile:

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