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Just something that irked me in SoD, then I made it amusing..(spoilers)

After all, someone had to pay for the death of three of my followers.. This is probably a hat tip to the absolute power of the mage.. at this level only a bard could have done this otherwise.. As a note, I write this for MY amusement alone.

So, after BG, I was deprived of my finely tuned and polished party after the sword hunt. After going through the mobs of disgruntled and gruntled "citizens" of Baldur's gate. Now Character name finds himself on a path to get through the first bridge after leaving the gate.

Standard Tactic was Neera scouts while invisible(always clear a safe area and then have her go there to cast invisibility on herself).. However there was a mishap in Durlag's tower. There were only pieces left. Xan replaced her and then split after leaving the SoDing dungeon... Ingrates.. Safana ultimately took up the slack.

Now, as a precursor, unknowns were meet with several skeletons and Branwen while the party hung back to better evaluate the situation.

Under current circumstances, Safana was a lone scout with the cloak of non-detection.. As she approached the 1st bridge that needed crossing, she was not only detected by whats's her face's lackeys, but we were mysteriously compelled to gather in front of the bridge within the enemies defences, even to the point were a wall of force was cast to guard against any possible rallying.

Needless to say, half the party was slaughtered before what's her face interrupted what could have been our untimely demise.. A mistake on her behalf. After having a conversation with the shining what's her face and being unable to convince her that her concerns are boring, she begged consideration of her concerns before just leaving and the insolent fool's that dare'd to increase the cost of our expenditures, just hung about the fortifications at the face of our side of the bridge.

Both Minsc and Safana were told to go back to camp, for there was vengeance to be had!

First there was the casting of teleport field, followed by a spell sequencer of web and stinking cloud followed by cloud kill. Only one of them had the temporary benefit of being spared death by the mass of of entrapment and choking death. But he too fell before the summons of aid.

Their possessions more than payed for the resurrection of fallen allies with a tidy sum to spare..

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