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2 questions :)

MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
edited October 2016 in UI Modding
Heya all and sorry to bother! =]

1st question: I'm slowly changing all Saves into something closer to Fortitude/Reflex/Will, is there any way that I can hide the 2 extra (entries for saves) from the UI? Look at the picture for reference, I could change from Unused to -NO TEXT-, but UI would still display the :0 for the save value, what I wish is to erase these 2 entries from display entirely.

2nd question: I find the new spellbook layouts to be dull and tasteless compared to the classic ones used in BG saga, anyway that I can revert my spellbook from this thing
Back to the simple yet incredibly more elegant classic layout?
Or any UI mod that changes the spellbooks to a better look, cause this default spellbook is just... curse the day it happened!

Thanks for any info and help!!

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  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited November 2019

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  • MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
    edited October 2016
    lefreut said:


    The text comes from characters[currentID].proficiencies.details. You should be able to filter it in the to remove the line you don't want.

    Hmmm probably this the part that you meant?
    Seems all 5 saves already come grouped, I couldn't find a way to break it and show each one individually, could that done? Does anybody know??

    Thanks for the responses btw!

  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited November 2019

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  • MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
    edited October 2016

    I can do some scripting for the game files but this is a bit too advanced for me, did some trial and error still seems I don't quite get the structure, before I end up fubaring/breaking something its better that I humbly ask you: Care to give me the exact block and where to place it? (Which you likely already did and I'm just too dumb to understand the minor specifics... LOL)

    Inserting that boxcode at menu.UI goes fine but dunno where to mention the
    filterLines(characters[currentID].proficiencies.details, 'Unused:')
    filterLines(characters[currentID].proficiencies.savingThrows, 'Unused:')
    tried throwing it around but to no avail...

    No rush if you can help with that and a million thanks already! I'm more than happy that it can be done =]

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  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited November 2019

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  • MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51

    YAYYYY!! It works.. ITS ALLIIIIVEE ^^

    From a rodent to another, a special thanks!! Here, have some corn =]

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,460
    edited October 2016
    Granted l, it's cool that you accomplished that. So I don't mean to sound negative. But, why reduce the number of saving throws? I can think of two reasons not to:

    1) The method for doing so cannot be done with Weidu, and game modifications that cannot be distributed for other people to easily reproduce don't interest me.

    2) The game is coded to handle 5 saving throws, that means there are 5 ways to use them, it would be wasteful to eliminate those possibilities. For example, my own saving throw mod has all spells use 4 saves, since I couldn't think of how to use wands. But later, I introduced psionics in a different mod. Conveniently there is an unused saving throw in my game, so I converted the save vs. wands into a save vs. psionics. I couldn't have done that if I had eliminated it.

    My suggestion: an overhaul like this is worth doing, and I could help. But I would keep 5 saves. Two possible ways to do that:

    1) If saves are aligned with stats, make one for each stat.
    Fitness ===> Strength
    Reflex ===> Dexterity
    Fortitude ==> Constitution
    Perception => Intelligence
    Will ====> Wisdom

    Fitness might function more or less how saves vs. Petrify/Polymorph act now.

    2) Honestly, I'm not so into the idea of saves being aligned with ability scores. Saving throws only happen in connection with magical effects, so I rather think they should be connected to the type of effect. So, keep a save vs. "Enchantment" as something distinct from Will saves. And separate poison and death magic/energy, so instead of just Fortitude there would be distinct saves vs. Fortitude and Death. So here you would have:

    Reflex ==> elemental and directed physical effects
    Fortitude ==> poison and gas effects
    Will ===> certain Enchantment effects (Domination, Hold, Stun, etc.)
    Enchantment => illusions and other Enchantment effects
    Death ==> death magic and drain effects

  • MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
    Doc, we are of a different mind in this :(
    3 saves can handle it all fine for me, it could be 10 saves for the sake of possibility, but it becomes a hindrance if the extra options provide little depth in return for overcomplicating what could be simple and intuitive.

    Since saves are strongly defined by each class table, its always a niche, fighters are bad for will, thieves are great at reflex, priests are relatively good at wall but worst in relfex, mages are great at will while horrible in fortitude...

    Enchantment looks like an extension of will so mages are likely going to be better? And same for death being a close relative to fortitude, can't have fighters being weak to such effects.

    I would love the idea of linking saves to attributes if these were governed by tables, like say a 16 dexterity gives +2 reflex, equip an item with +2 dex, it checks table and instantly goes to +3 reflex, that had leave more ground for messing around.

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