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[Spoilers] An unintended third option for the siege of Bridgefort.

So as a Neutrual Evil character upon getting the 'Arcane scroll of impactful doom' and talking to Wynan Hess
I persisted for a reward that eventually leads to Wynan attacking.
So i decided id slaughter Bridgeforts inhabitants, get some nice loot ontop of a reward from Barghest

Only the dialog leads to me lowering the bridge behind the backs of the defenders... when i actually murdered all of them.
Interestingly all the civilians vanish when you start combat so for a moment i thought it was a legitimate outcome.

With the rooftop battle i noticed two Travelers hit for insane 60-70+ damage though using a Monster summoning wand to delay them, A use of the stone ally and a few Wand of the heavens they're beatable and the rest are fairly straightforward to kill a tough fight but certainly not impossible.

So afterwards i assumed that rooftop battle wasn't suppose to be beatable lol.

It's a shame after talking to Caelar for the first time her revealing she didn't intend to kill me well hey Crusades are profitable so i figured id do everything i could to sabotage the fist from within.

Brilliant expansion though i just wish being truely evil was possible since playing with a Despised 1 reputation makes every single vendor charge ludicrous amounts.

Reminds me of my first evil BG1 run as a teen and being disappointed i couldn't side with Sarevok or atleast kill him and continue his plans to drive Baldur's Gate and Amn into war so that i could become the new Lord of Murder.

Awesome expansion so far and incredible to see new content for such a classic.
I only wish i could push the bounds of the game further in my quest for ultimate wealth and power.

Also how the crap did Ophyllis gamble away my 400,000 gold fortune!?
I imagine during the relaxing time between the end of BG1 and the start of Dragonspear that the treasury room was something scrooge mcduck would shed a tear over.

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