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Help with Near Infinity

I figured out how to modify a few spells to be more to my liking, but I'm having trouble finding what file (presumably 2da) controls what spells clerics obtain when they reach new spell levels. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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  • einlanzereinlanzer Member Posts: 8
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    They get all spells that are flagged as cleric spells. I forget which offset it is but it's pretty prominent when you look at the .spl file in NI.

    Also, even if a spell is tagged as a cleric spell, you won't get it if the spell is in hidespl.2da. (Because it is hidden - get it?) For instance, the new shaman spells are flagged as druid spells, but druids do not get them because they are in hidespl.2da.

    Okay, that makes sense. So one of the things I did was modify the spell level on a couple of cleric spells, but they still appear at their original spell level in the cleric's spellbook. Based on what you're saying, I'm assuming this is because of the location and name of the spell in the .spl files, so I would need to edit the names/location somehow.

    edit: sweet, that worked. Just created copies of the spells numbered using the desired spell level and excluded the originals.
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