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[Mod Request] Old GUI for BG2:EE

ElmaronElmaron Member Posts: 7
Personally I consider the new GUI as a step in a very horrible direction. BG2:EE no longer feels like Baldur's Gate 2. Journal is horrible (and still very bugged), I find the new Character Sheet to be even more confusing, the spell book for spells uses an art that is simplistic and the icons for prepared spells just too small. Overall, I find the artwork to be far too bland. It has come to the point where I can only play BG2:EE in the 1.3 version and even then I'm considering dropping it to return to the original BG2. This is my personal opinion, arguing against it won't change a thing.

But, since the new version is supposed to be friendly to GUI modding (and given that I simply can't understand a thing of modding), I was wondering if anyone knows of a mod that changes the GUI to the one used in the 1.3 version (at least that). Or if there's any mod that actually changes the GUI to match that of the original BG2.




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