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Thank you, Beamdog.

StrikerTTDStrikerTTD Member Posts: 17
edited October 2016 in UI Discussion and Workshop
From 1998 to not so long ago, we have enjoyed Baldur's Gate and its storyline. Eventually, as you know, setting up a networked game became impossible due to the nature of the old code that made up Multiplayer. Now you, Beamdog, have taken BG, BG2 and IWD and have not only FIXED the Multiplayer connection issues, but you have added a SERVER BROWSER along with a sleek, updated game UI and in-game zoom capabilities that blows the old "modify this dll, all players must be using same resolution for MP to work" fix out of the sky.

Along with all you have done (UI updates for modern resolutions, MP fixed, new characters added, new expansions added), you have also given us a _Linux client_ for each of the three games, not including IWD2 (damn you mechanics rework causing nightmares).

Since discovering this, I have bought myself and my father copies of the games. We are ecstatic to dive back into it all.

Thank you!



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