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SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 882

I want to know if there's a way to open a .CHR file in DLTCEP so I can stick an opcode innately to a character so she keeps it even on fresh games. Just so I don't have to EEKeep it every single time I start anew. Searching only gives me answers for nearinfinity (which I can't use)



  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,200
    It's possible. Open the "Edit Creature" window and click on "Load external creature". In the file type list of the open dialog select "Character files (*.chr)" and navigate to the folder where your character file is located. Open it and make your modifications. Finally click the "Save Creature As..." button to save the file (make sure to save as CHR instead of CRE).

    Btw, why can't you use Near Infinity?
  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 882
    I'm a fool. Didn't realize it was this easy. I somehow assumed I had to convert the CHR to a CRE directly.

    NI forces me to install Java and that has never worked out for me.

    ty again
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