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[Mini MOD] Over 20 Characters from Geek and Sundrys - Critical Role including Bear Familiar.

00zim0000zim00 Member Posts: 267
As I have seen mentioned here a few times it seems alot of people enjoy watching the DnD live show Critical Role from Geek and Sundry.
Its more of a collection of Edited characters with a small mod made to allow a bear familiar but I thought I should share it :)

Being a big fan of Critical Role and the people who entertain us every week I wanted to make something that would let myself and others join in on the adventures of Vox Machina! To do this I have created over 20 character files that can be used in the Baldurs Gate dnd game series as well as helped make a small mod which lets Vex use Trinket as a playable Bear familiar!

[Images From Mod/Character files](

What trinket mod does:
You dont have to use the mod you can just use the character files and images if you like. If you do use it, the mod changes the Find Familiar spell for Lawful Good, or Neutral Good characters to give Trinket the bear. The name and image of the familiar also change!

Character files:
Characters include everyone from Vox Machina as well as most of the guest characters! See the image link below for full list of details. [HERE](

Most include some extra starting equipment for each character or slightly modded character files to better suit the spirit of each character. While not a complete overhaul mod I have done what I can within the limitations of the Baldurs Gate game and editor.


[Mod Download 8.08 MB]( Role Characters + Trinket

If anyone has any suggestions or want something changed feel free to ask :)

The person who helped create the Trinket Bear Familar part of the mod itself is @Pecca from these Forums. Please send him your thanks!

Also thanks to the people who draw the pictures I have used for the character portraits. While some I edited in photoshop for the characters who images I couldn't find most have been taken from Fan Art! It goes without saying but I don't own the images.

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