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First Time Modder: Many Questions; Looking for Help

ReddbaneReddbane Member Posts: 222
I want to start modding the EE games but I'm sort of lost. I do have some modding experience, though mainly with Eu4 and more modern (more user friendly) systems, so its a little hard to get into a very archaic system, even if it has been updated a little by Beamdog. What I'm looking for really is to be pointed in the right direction; i.e. is there some sites with a lot of reference info as well as guides to help me out? Although I would be obliged if someone would answer some of the questions, but I don't want to pester people with every little thing.
To start with I do know how to use Near Infinity, somewhat, as I've been able to mod things like the the Thac0 tables; although trying to find what particular files do what can be a crap shoot for a newcomer. I have checked IESDP, but I'm still rather lost, not to mention not having a clue about how to mod weidu. I did look at the Kit modding guide thread, although it seems to assume you have an intermediate knowledge of BG modding experience already.

I want start with simple things, like altering Rangers to be a little closer to P&P. To do this I plan to add a starting ability at the first level that removes the minimum 2 to-hit penalty to offhand weapons. This I can do. However, I also need to make it so that a Ranger starts with 3 pips in two handed weapons rather than merely 2, but I can't find the file that determines automatically gained weapon proficiencies.

Also, is there any way using weidu to change the usability of an entire group of items, say (purely hypothetically) make it so all items in the category "6" (Bracers and Gauntlets) are flagged unusable by Kit: Inquistor, or conversely make all category "6" items flagged usable by Kit: Kensai.

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