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[Q] Is it possible to change the Lvl Progress Bar background color (Ugly gray)?

VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
As the title says, Is it possible to change the Level Progress Bar background color (Ugly gray). Cause, well, I find it ugly... I'm currently using @AncientCowboy progress bar tweaks (the Next Level String and XP Delta ones). And it works great! But, I haven't found a way to change that yuck stale grey color for the background... Is it possible?

Thanks for any help!


  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    Not short of developing an alternative to the 'progressbar' variation of the 'label' menu object (which with my lack of artistic skills would look very square-cornered-rectangular - three overlapping labels, one for background, one for 'filling' bar, one for 'full' bar). I've tried every 'progressbar' parameter alternative I can think of (e.g. back, background, bfill, bg, etc.) without success - sometimes with crashes, more often just ignored.

  • VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
    Yeah, tried some of that too without luck either... Thanks for trying!
    P.S. Even if without artistic skills, do you know which files/lines must be changed? I don't have (or require to see) art/artistic skills either but I don't really mind! :)

  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    After thinking about it a bit as a result of your last question - there may be a better alternative to the 3 overlapping labels. That would be an ugly, 'brute force' approach. There may be a graphical resource used to represent the empty progress bar that can be extracted (NearInfinity) and modified. The problem is, I have no idea what it's name is if it exists - and with several thousand MOS/BAM/PVRZ candidates, finding it would be a needle in the haystack kind of thing. At least the MOS/BAMs have semi-useful names (GUxxxxx most likely). However, a lot of the newer stuff is in PVRZ files - of which there are ~4000 most with arbitrary letter-number combination names. Unless someone just happens to know or run across it, finding it would be a major effort. And, of course, it is possible there is no image resource. It might just be 'drawn' via Direct-X/OpenGL calls in the underlying graphics engine code.
    That said: To answer the question asked; in UI.MENU within the CHARACTER menu you'll find 1 (stock) or 3/4 (with Progress Bar tweaks installed) LABEL items with PROGRESSBAR attributes. That label, or each of those labels, is/are what you would have to replace with 3 LABEL items representing background/filling/full visuals (using the FILL attribute). You might be able to drop a fourth do-nothing LABEL/BUTTON on top displaying an image consisting of a frame and transparent center to make it more 'finished' looking. You'll need the logic to enable/disable the filling/full labels as appropriate; and to set the width of the 'filling' label (menu OnOpen probably). This is a lot of work just to change the background. But if you're game - Good luck!

  • VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
    I understand, I think... like doing my very own progressbar with the fill and variables... Cool! It might be a little out of my league though but the idea is excellent... It would be something like this...

    Variables I would use are: The starting XP level my level, my current XP and the XP of the next level... With the variables (They may already be there, I don't have the file in front of me now) I create a rectange (percentage) that fills up depending on the variables... Is this about right?

  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    That's about it - but the calculations are already done. Look at Progress Bars Tweaks. Feel free to 'borrow' anything needed - including the entire M_ file. :smile:

  • Zach_BDZach_BD Member Posts: 9

    And, of course, it is possible there is no image resource. It might just be 'drawn' via Direct-X/OpenGL calls in the underlying graphics engine code.

    This is correct.

  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    Thanks @Zach_BD - I suspected as much from the '3D' gradient shading as the bar fills.

  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited November 2019

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  • VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
    lefreut said:

    @Zach_BD if you can unhardcode this so that the progressbar uses an image in a future version, that would be great :)

    I agree! :)

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