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A problem with filters of Apply Effects List (opcode 326)

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
edited October 2016 in Troubleshooting
I've noticed this before in passing, working on something else, but now I've run straight into this issue. Targeting filters in an opcode 326 - used to cast another spell - do not work. You can choose an EA value, for example, or sex or something else there. Lots of things. Only they don't work. Pick whatever you like there, I have, the selection just doesn't happen. The second spell gets cast all right, but it hits indiscriminately and what's even more weird, twice. I've tested this with the simplest possible spells, there is nothing that's duplicated in them, just a lone damage effect, which for some reason gets applied twice.

This opcode is completely broken.

Compare this to the Use EFF File opcode: that one lets you choose filters too, and *those* do their job. But if you want to apply more than one effect, if you want a whole list of effects sent to the right address, then the only option may be to make an EFF and choose "Cast spell" there, and *then* point to the second spell. If that even works, I haven't tested it.


I tested sending "Cast Spell" through the EFF filter. Same thing - no discrimination and double application. So the problem may be with the Cast Spell opcode and the variation on it used for Apply Effects List. There is an error in there somewhere! For some reason I can't attach the files here.

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